Value Added Services

From automated SEO to one-stop-shop domain registration, you can now offer your clients everything they need for a complete, comprehensive online presence.​
Give them more.

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Integrated Value Added Services

Continuous, fast integration with any future trends to maintain competitive edge

Instantly enhance your offering with a range of integrated services we know SMBs are in need of to maximize the value of their Online Presence

Our design features easy integration of online widgets and applications from e-commerce, interactive maps, back-end systems, click-to-action, to online booking, video providers and beyond. Deploying our platform, which enables a single point of contact for your business consumers, helps you gain and maintain a competitive edge and reduce churn as you will gain some compelling advantages:
  • Offer customers Online Presence enhanced with the latest and greatest online apps
  • Customize your offering in line with sectorial needs and requests
  • Add some more true value to your added value offering
Our platform offers seamless access to domain and mailbox registration powered by Tucows as well as to the world’s leading e-commerce solution, powered by Ecwid. We are actively pursuing partnerships with a range of additional VAS that will ensure your offering is always one step ahead. 


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