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Beyond Online Presence

WebsPlanet's highly anticipated release takes digital business management to a whole new level.

Our vision
WebsPlanet's vision is to strengthen the bond between our partners and their customers through innovation. In today's digital age, SMBs need more than a website to succeed. Cosmos does just that - provide SMBs with all the digital services they need to grow and succeed. 
The ultimate business management tool for SMBs
We designed Cosmos to be the main and most valuable management tool for the SMB, as they will be able to manage all digital aspects of their business, order offline services, and engage with customers and leads.​ We created an intuitive Marketplace, packed with the best business-boosting tools available today: website, mobile site, social, blog, eCommerce, Email Campaigns, SSL, SEO & SEM, live chat, domains, appointment scheduler and so much more.​  The SMB can easily reach out to its audience as data is shared between the different apps. 

Best-in-class online presence
WebsPanet's white-label online presence suite is fully integrated into Cosmos, so rest assured your SMBs will enjoy unbeatable apps at their fingertips, as well as the best online presence on the market; responsive website, over 170 designs, Drag & Drop site builder, mobile editor, Facebook site, blog, catalog and eCommerce.
Become invaluable to your SMBs
Cosmos empowers our partners as they offer their SMBs everything they need to manage their business in one unique and user friendly platform. Offering digital services to your SMBs helps ​increase ARPU, reduce churn, reduce Time-To-Market and operational costs, provide endless flexibility, superior UI/UX experience and secure their relevancy with every market trend.​​

​​Advanced management options for our partners

  • White-label and reseller compatible
  • Flexibility and full control over the offering
  • Sales and Go-to-Market tools
  • Advanced Back-Office and reporting
  • API for full integration and custom workflows

Best-in-class digital management for SMBs

  • Full Online Presence
  • Superior Ecommerce
  • An ever-growing Marketplace packed with best-in-class apps and offline services for SMBs
  • Data sharing between apps to easily collect leads and manage customers 
  • SMB Control Panel and Tool Bar for easy navigation

Give your customers the advantage of COSMOS.
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