A Groundbreaking Website Builder, Developed for You and Your Clients

What if there were one platform that managed every aspect of your clients’ online needs both quickly and easily? And what if this platform offered not just a single, centralized hub for all of your customer data, but also the most cutting-edge site building tool on the market?

Site Builder

At WebsPlanet, we have created the most robust, user-friendly site builder on the market. With this powerful tool, your SMB clients will be able to develop a dynamic online presence quickly, easily, and efficiently—just the way they want it.

Our revolutionary white label site builder will empower your clients to build websites, create social media pages, and manage their complete online presence, all under your branded platform. You’ll build your client base, and they’ll build theirs. It’s a win-win.
Do it Yourself
Do it for Me
Automatic Site Creation
Value Added Services
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Give them control.
Allow your clients to quickly and easily create their perfect web, mobile, and social sites from a vast library of customizable templates.
Give them peace of mind.
Utilize our comprehensive suite of web tools to create robust, responsive sites for even the most demanding customer.
Give them value.
With one click, your clients can have a complete online presence, no work required. And the process is hassle-free for you, too.​
Give them more.
From automated SEO to one-stop-shop domain registration, you can now offer your clients everything they need for a complete, comprehensive online presence.

If they can dream it, you can build it.

Whether your customer wants an advanced e-commerce site or a basic mobile landing page, our white label site builder will create the exact online presence they need. Plus, we have developed the technology to ensure that every site is responsive on all devices, across all platforms. The bottom line: our sites will always look and function beautifully, no matter how or where they are accessed. In today’s tech-savvy marketplace, it’s what your clients need . . . make sure you give it to them.
Mobile Sites
Multi Device Support
Social Pages

Make the novice an expert, and the expert happy.

“One-size-fits-all” is a misnomer when it comes to fashion or food, but when it comes to our industry-leading white label site builder, it’s spot-on, and here’s why: we have designed an interface so intuitive that it appeals to novices and experts alike. The platform is clean, simple, and easy-to-use, while boasting unmatched capabilities and features. Meanwhile, not one line of code needs to be written, since we are constantly expanding our library of customizable templates, putting non-stop choice into your hands and the hands of your clients.

Create your site with these tools:

  • Drag and drop – Click. Drag. Drop. You just designed a website
  • Widget design – Widgets made easy
  • Gallery skins – Change your look faster than a chameleon
  • Forms manager – Create the form and collect the info. Rinse and repeat
  • Site map – Take your customers where they want to go and search engines where they want to crawl

Make it even better with these modules:

  • Guestbook – Collect those John Hancocks – electronically
  • Driving directions – The fastest way to your doorstep
  • Events – Fill your customers’ calendars
  • Site search – Type, click, found
  • FAQ – Your customers have questions. You have answers
  • Jobs – Get people hired
  • Hours – Put that “open” sign up online
  • Embedded video – From YouTube to your site
  • Payment – Credit, debit, PayPal, oh my!

Value Added Solutions

A successful online presence means more than just a website. That’s why we offer a myriad of additional solutions that enable you to meet your clients’ every need—all while building trust, gaining loyalty, and forging new revenue streams. More value for them, more business for you.
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