SMB Control Panel


An intuitive Control Panel for your SMB’s to manage their business online

The Cosmos Control Panel is the first end-to-end management tool designed to help SMBs manage their business online & improve their business performance.
While other marketplace solutions provide accessibility to cloud SaaS apps and allow SMBs to purchase apps online, Cosmos is the only platform focused on solving some of the day to day issues SMBs are facing to create true value. 

For example:
  • Cosmos automates the connectivity between the purchased apps, reducing the technical hassle and creating unmatched user experience for the SMBs.
  • Cosmos aggregates messages and statistics from all apps into one dashboard and management tool, allowing the SMB to easily follow up on any open lead they got from any app, all from one dashboard.
  • Cosmos provides a built-in mini-CRM designed to fit the unique needs of any SMB.

Customer Control Panel:  Key Features



Snapshot of relevant activity coming from all applications. See website traffic, email marketing campaign stats, number of leads, and more.  All in one screen.


Become the sole provider of all your customer’s business apps by managing your own white label marketplace.  Make life easier for them while you increase ARPU.

Connectivity and Automation

With one click your customers can connect different applications. Want to install a chat application in your website? Click ‘Connect’ and Cosmos will do the rest.

My Apps

Once an application has been purchased, users can launch it directly from Cosmos without the need to sign in to a 3rd party platform.

Lead Center

A consolidation of leads generated by different applications.  See website form submissions, bookings, and more in the included CRM.

KPI-Driven Recommendations

The Cosmos Control Panel analyzes KPI's across active applications and provides recommendations to improve business performance.

Are you a SaaS provider?

Integrate your application into the Cosmos Marketplace and make it available to customers around the globe.

A Control Panel for your Clients.  
A Back Office for You.


The Back Office:  Take control of your Cosmos.

The Reseller Back Office in Cosmos is a powerful backend where you manage all aspects of Cosmos. It delivers an all-inclusive management tool so you can manage everything in one place. Ranging from product pricing and features all the way to account management and application offering, the Back Office allows you to truly customize Cosmos to fit your target market and strategy.

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