Websplanet for Hosting

We had turned to WebsPlanet as we required a good site builder that we needed to serve our core business but could also be branded and serve are various OEMs. WebsPlanet was able to give us exactly that and also help us develop new flows to offer our OEMs and help them increase sales. We have been working very closely with WebsPlanet and they were always there when needing consulting & support.

Web hosts are business enablers, and as such, are naturally positioned to deliver online presence to clients. However, to obtain and keep clients, you need to consistently broaden your offerings and find ways to rise above the competition. One way to do that? Give them online presence. And not just any old online presence—give them the online presence they’ve dreamed of.
At Websplanet, we understand that your market is naturally segmented. Some of your customers are small, local business, while others have operations that span the globe. These customers inherently have different technology needs, which fluctuate as the businesses themselves change. As a result, you need a wide range of flexible online solutions that “play nice” together—solutions that we have spent years developing and refining to meet the evolving needs of your SMB customers.

Partner with us to:
  • Offer your clients the solutions they need—no matter the scope or complexity
  • Streamline operations through a singular management platform
  • Broaden your offerings through seamlessly integrated VAS
  • Support businesses throughout their online lifecycles

To learn more about WebsPlanet's solutions, leave us a note and we will be in touch!

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