Reseller Back Office

A robust backend to manage your accounts, product offering, and much more.

The Reseller Back Office in Cosmos is a powerful backend where our partners manage all aspects of Cosmos.  It delivers an all-inclusive management tool so you can manage everything in one place. Ranging from product pricing and features all the way to account management and application offering, the Back Office allows you to truly customize Cosmos to fit your target market and strategy.

Reports & Monitoring

Generate detailed reports and easily access customer accounts to gain the broad visibility needed to understand your customers and help them grow. Complete Billing and Subscriptions reports are available.

Marketplace Management

Take full control over your product offering by choosing which SaaS applications you will include in your branded marketplace. Sell pre-integrated 3rd party apps or integrate your own services.

App Builder

Development teams can utilize the App Builder to integrate additional SaaS applications as well as offline products and services make your entire offering available in the marketplace.

Manage Customers

See every detail of your customer's account in one place.  Access Account details, Orders, Subscriptions, Payment Information, and open the Customer Control Panel all from one screen.

Integrated Billing

Collect payments from your customers via one of the included Payment Gateways or connect Cosmos to your existing billing system. Cosmos manages Invoices, Orders, Transactions, and Subscription Lifecycles.


Manage your customer’s online services at scale. Easily access customer services and assign workflows for specific service plans. The options are endless and you can even hand over the finished product as Cosmos supports both DIY and DIFM models.

A Branded Control Panel for Each of your Customers

SMB Control Panel

One Dashboard. A Universe of Apps.  Your Brand.

The Control Panel is the SMB portal for each of your clients. Once logged in, they can manage all of their online services in one place. The intuitive layout makes it easy to understand and use on a daily basis. The goal is to give each of your SMB customers an online portal where they can not only manage their business services but also learn about and purchase new SaaS applications. It is an end-to-end solution complete with a Dashboard, Marketplace, Billing Integration, Subscription Lifecycle Management, Lead Center, Dynamic Recommendations, and more.

Give your SMB clients the absolute best user experience by consolidating their online applications.

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